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Lynda Glagola,  B.S., RRT

Lynda began her work in Black Lung in 1999 when she became the Coordinator of the Black Lung Clinic at Canonsburg
Hospital.  She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  In 2002 she founded Lungs at Work and received funding through the Federal Black Lung Program.  Lynda has dual functions at Lungs at Work as both the Director and Lay Advocate.  As the clinic Lay Advocate she is responsible for developing claims and providing representation for miners and widows.  Lynda is currently serving her fourth term as Chairwoman of the National Coalition of Black Lung and Respiratory Disease Clinics.  Lynda’s email address is:

David A. Celko, MD                                                                     

Dr. Celko is the Medical Director at Lungs at Work. Dr. Celko has been treating the miners at Lung at Work since the beginning. He is board certified in  Internal Medicine and has been a practicing pulmonologist for many years.

Laurie Roberts, B.S.,RRT, CPF

Laurie is our Patient Clinical Coordinator. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Certified Pulmonary Function Technician and Certified Hearing Conservationist. She holds NIOSH Spirometry Certification and serves as a NIOSH Practicum Instructor.  Laurie completes all Pulmonary Testing, oxygen screens, hearing screens, and education for the miners at our clinic. She assists in the legal functions of the clinic, and travels throughout the community providing lung screens and answering questions about your lung concerns and black lung disease. For questions regarding testing, screenings or outreach you can email Laurie at:

Jill Armentrout, B. A.                         

Jill is the Outreach Coordinator at Lungs at Work.  Her responsibilities include assisting miners with their Federal Black Lung paperwork, either in person or over the phone, and answering any questions they may have throughout the benefits process.  She interviews patients and gather information to assist them with their efforts to get Black Lung benefits, and she schedules appointments, completes patient registrations, and answers the phones.  Jill is in charge of developing Lungs at Work’s community outreach projects and is in the process of establishing Lungs at Work’s social media profile.  If you have questions for Jill, her email is or you can reach her on the Lungs at Work Facebook page.

Compensation Counselor

The compensation counselor at Lungs at Work. Her responsibilities include assisting clients with their Federal Black Lung claims, completing both legal and medical forms, and corresponding with the Department of Labor and attorneys representing the coal companies. She assists clients with scheduling exams required for benefit claims and facilitates communication between our clients and the coal companies. She assists our Lay Advocate with gathering evidence and preparing legal cases for hearings, and can also offer guidance through the interim and hearing process.