About Us

LCoal Minerungs at Work is a nonprofit agency which has been dedicated to helping coal miners with respiratory illnesses since 2002. We are a proud member of the National Coalition of Black Lung Clinics and we work closely with the UMWA and the Department of Labor to provide miners with the medical services and black lung benefits assistance they deserve.

We have served thousands of miners and their families since our inception in 2002. Our lay advocacy services have helped our miners and their families receive millions in Federal Black Lung Benefits since the program was started in 2006. In addition to the monetary awards, these miners now have black lung medical cards which will pay for all of their lung-related medical care.

How We Can Help

Lungs at Work helps coal miners who are at risk for, or who have contracted, black lung disease in three important ways:

  1. Diagnostic services and medical care at our state-of-the-art facility.
  2. Education and treatment for chronic respiratory diseases with a special commitment to coal miners with black lung.
  3. Assistant with every step of the federal black lung benefit filling process, from filling out the application through the court hearing process and beyond. We help you with the preparation of a successful black lung case and provide representation and support throughout the entire process, all at NO COST TO YOU!