Vision and Mission

Lungs at WorkAdvocacy is designed as a pulmonary specialty clinic. We strive to meet the medical care needs of those suffering from occupationally acquired lung diseases with a primary focus on coal miners.  We will walk along side coal miners and their survivors in the pursuit of benefits for which they are eligible.

Our organizational goal is to impress upon all coal miners in Pennsylvania the truth about Black Lung Disease, it’s prevention, prevalence, health consequences and compensation programs.

Our organizational objective is to develop access to care alternatives that result in a 25% increase in clients receiving evidence  based interventions dependant on their FEV1 measurements.

Our strategic Initiatives are to obtain sufficient funding to transition Lungs at Work from a brick and mortar clinic to a totally mobile organization allowing maximum access for clients in diverse geographical settings, and to obtain sufficient funding to purchase a van that would bring far reaching clients to the Lungs at Work Clinic.